5 Gross But Delicious Halloween Treats

October 14, 2014

For the more daring members of the club, these recipes for Halloween are a bit too creepy for the littlest ghosts and goblins. Enjoy the wonderful flavors, but you may not be able to take that first bite. We want to make all of it and serve on a platter of ghoulish delights. Check them out! 

Dead Body Caprese

From Shrimp Salad Circus

This is one treat that just might be too creepy to try. Do make the effort however, it's fabulous! Balsamic Caviar is a must have culinary delight. Even if it does look a fright. 

Ice Cream Brains

From Duhlicious

Perhaps not the most horrifying to look at, we can't get past the brains part. So fun and certainly suitable for a grown up spooktacular event. 

Spider Eggs: Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs

From Family Spice

Combine our favorite arachnid and a creeptacular egg, for a delightful appetizer of epic taste proportions. 

Spooky Witches Fingers

From Roshniskitchen

We have seen recipes that try to replicate a finger, but these are truly creepy enough to make us take pause. What do you think? Could you grab a few and nosh? 

Eyeball Vodka Jell-o Shots

From Drink Lab Drinks

Do you dare? These Jell-O Shots are exactly the sort of thing that makes Halloween lovers swoon. Aren't they awesome? 



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