Festive Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Other Handheld Treats

November 13, 2014

What is it about hand held treats? They sure make eating much more fun, and for a party, making everything smaller means more on the plate right? We have rounded up a handful of tasty recipes that have been made into bite sized mini versions of themselves. These would be cute on a platter or popped into a lunch as a holiday surprise for your little chefs. 

Whoopie pies are the state of Maine official treat, if you have tried one, there would be no doubt that it should have a place on your Thanksgiving table. These tasty pumpkin Whoopi pies are actually a pair of moist cookies with a whipped frosting filling that is perfect for snacking and make a fun presentation on your appetizer table. Even Martha Stewart loves them! 

Many of the desserts that we all love on the holiday table can be made smaller and more convenient for snacking. We love these little apple pies that are now small enough to hold in your hand. Tasty and fun! 

Mini Fruit Cakes are creamy and cool. They are perfect for the holiday table and aren't they fun? 

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