Super Bowl Sunday Must Have Wings

January 10, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is synonymous with great party food.  Juicy wings with a hot and/or sweet glaze are the perfect addition to all that joyous hollering that will be going on in your living room. If you order them out, you will find that trying to feed more than a couple of people, sticker shock will soon set in. 

Make them at home however, and have an endless supply of perfect wings that are made just how you like them. We especially like the boneless variety. You can eat them as fast as you can pick them up, and that crunchy coating can't be improved upon. So good and spicy! Check it out: 

Sugar Braised Chicken Wings

From Spice the Plate


Grilled Pickle Chicken Wings with Greek Yogurt Ranch

From My Diary of Us


Baked Sriracha Soy Chicken Wings

From Mom DeCuisine


Teriyaki Boneless Wings

From Blog Chef

Harissa Chicken Wings

From Life's Ambrosia

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