Luscious Homemade Popsicles in Every Flavor

June 1, 2015

Nothing says summer like a cool refreshing popsicle. Instead of buying the cheap imitation flavored freezer pops, how about making your own recipe for ice pops and adding something special? We found a list of creative popsicles that are fruity and sweet.

I make popsicles year round because it's a great way to get my kids to start out their day with something healthy. Also, I have a great snack that fills them up just enough to wait until the next meal. My recipe is simple:

Start with a sweet juicy base. I like to take plain Greek yogurt and add some pureed fruit for sweetness

Next, add some roughly chopped fruit. If the base is thick enough, stir in the bits. If it's a thin base like jello, add a few pieces of fruit to the bottom, pour in the jello and then add a few more fruit bits. 

Freeze until firm then loosen just a little so the kids can enjoy. I pop each popsicle up just a bit before handing them around, because I think that the all natural ingredients do freeze a little better and are a bit harder to get started. 

Add a little protein powder to your mixture, and make your pops have more sticking power. My kids love one on a hot summer morning and don't need anything else until lunch. 

Berry Parfait Yogurt Popsicles

From Well Plated

Coconut Strawberry Chocolate Chip Popsicles

From Simply Healthy

Smoothie Popsicle

From Love Grows Wild

Strawberry Ice Cream Pie 

From Say Yes


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