Make the Best Apple Pie Ever

September 3, 2015

Despite these last few days of Indian Summer, it's certainly fall as far as the apple trees are concerned. Our apple trees are loaded this year, there is an ebb and flow to the amount of apples we get each year. Last year it was what we on our farm called "Lame." So it's especially nice to see we are going to have dozens of jars of applesauce in the pantry, and frozen apple slices in the freezer. 

Apple pies are an essential item at least every two weeks at our table. There is something about hot apple pie with ice cream, but my favorite thing is to wait until the pie is cool and have a slice then. It's all about the seasonings and using really tart apples that hold their shape. Have you ever wondered what makes an apple pie friendly? Apple pie is all about chunky apple pieces and rich seasonings. Those apples are only chunky because they are tart and firm enough to withstand cooking without falling completely apart. 

What makes the best apple pie ever? A pie that has those chunky apples, the perfect mix of apple pie spices, just enough sugar, and of course a flaky crust. You can do it!! Here is a wonderful recipe from the Foodista Archives to get you started. 

A Perfectly Apple Pie

From Foodista

This recipe has everything just right. Check it out! 


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