5 Classic Pasta Sauces You Must Try

October 15, 2015

Pasta is an inexpensive and hearty dish. It makes a wonderful meal for these cooler days. If you learn to make some of the dozens of sauces that any good Italian knows how to make, you can serve a different pasta dish every week this winter, and never repeat yourself. 
We work up a weekly dinner menu (You do too, right?) and one day a week always includes pasta. My family can split wood from right after breakfast until dusk, when darkness drives them inside. These hard working days need warm, filling meals and pasta is perfectly suited. 

Any pasta dishes taste even better the next day, so we always have it on our lunch break from school lessons. 

It's one of those skills that impresses your friends and you never have to tell them how easy it is. Prepare to become hungry, thanks to the Foodista archives. 

Classic Basil Pesto Sauce

Classic Clam Sauce

Classic Ragu

Classic Alfredo Sauce


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