Morning Toast Revitalized

April 9, 2016

Toast holds a special place in my heart.  While it does not require any real skill, it is one of those nostalgic meals that hold special memories.  Whether it was part of a large breakfast or a quick afternoon snack, most people enjoy a perfectly toasted piece of bread.  The bread matters just as much as the toppings.  It can be as traditional as butter to something more exciting like smashed avocado or miso paste.  

I've found myself eating my toast with tahini, honey and just the slightest pinch of sea salt.  It is absolutely delicious. If you are a fan of peanut butter toast, I recommend you give this a try.  Tahini is not as thick as peanut butter and has a slightly bitter flavor.  The salt and honey help balance out that bitterness to create the perfect bite.  You can even add sliced fruit like apple of banana for added sweetness or chopped almonds for crunch.

Tahini and Honey Toast


favorite sliced bread
unsalted butter, softened
tahini (sesame seed paste)
sea salt


Step 1: toast the sliced bread until it has reached desired doneness.  

Step 2: Spread with butter and then follow with the tahini. Drizzle on the honey and sprinkle with sea salt. Enjoy warm.

Note: Instead of standard sea salt, you can play with other specialty salts to change the flavor profile.  I like to use vanilla flaked sea salt or maple sugar salt.

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