Lunchbox Bento

September 16, 2016

When I was a child, brown bag lunch was a thing. If you felt you were too cool for a lunchbox, you went with a "big kid" brown bag. Now, kids are enjoying a whole, new lunchtime treat; Bento. From cartoon characters to superheroes and seasonal themes, Bento is making lunches so much more interesting and delightful. 

We love seeing all the Bento artwork, and wanted to show you how some moms spend their early mornings. I, on the other hand, spend mine sipping coffee and looking at photos of other moms' handiwork. It's leftovers and peanut butter/banana tortilla wraps for my little chefs. 

Fall Themed Bento

Isn't this one beautiful? It's just childlike enough to be cute, but all the colors and textures make this healthy lunch good for all of us. That little acorn cracks me up! 

Bento Love

This lunch is a work of art. How would you decide where to start with this many choices? 

Turkey Bento

So much more than just a kid's lunch, this is a cute way to start the turkey season. Adorable! 


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