May 24, 2011

Kasseri is the preferred cheese for this.

May 18, 2011

Serve as an appetizer or for a light lunch with Mediterranean olives, scallions, feta cheese.

May 16, 2011

Make at least 1 day ahead. Keeps indefinitely in a large glass jar in the refrigerator.

May 16, 2011

Roasted asparagus topped with crispy bacon and crumbled feta cheese.

May 13, 2011

Excellent served as a side salad on a bed of lightly dressed fresh greens, or serve as an...

May 5, 2011

Leaner than pork or beef, these meatballs are deliciously different! Best served with mashed...

April 16, 2011

I have been making Cheese Straws since I received my first food processor in 1987 (it came with a...

April 13, 2011

So this recipe comes from another cookbook I bought in Colombia called En Su Mesa by five...

April 13, 2011

Here is my Chicharon, the apple cider dip with garlic,salt and pepper gives a perfect twist (add...

March 23, 2011

Recommended sauce: In a small dipping bowl, add soy sauce and hot chili oil to taste. Another...

March 13, 2011

this is an appetizer...and can be served as a tea time snack also.