4 Easy Fresh Herb Drinks

June 2, 2011

It is (un)officially summer, making it the perfect time to use the beginnings of the garden and greenmarket bounty. These four recipes highlight herbs that are easy to grow on your windowsill, or to find fresh at the market.

Gin Stevie Cocktail

Sake-drenched watermelon become the ice cubes in this basil-heavy drink.

Pineapple Marjoram Cocktail

Skip the vodka for a family-friendly treat.

Martini Thyme

This martini variation features the herbaceous green Chartreuse and adds fresh thyme. 

Rosemary Ruby Cocktail

The rosemary-infused simple syrup is surprisingly easy to make. Double the batch to have some on hand; it's also great with seltzer.

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how about some tequila love? :)

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For sure! Tequila love coming up, just for you Sho!