10 Best Fall Beers

September 20, 2011

When the weather begins to cool and we start to crave richer and more comforting foods, the same happens with beer.  Fall is the time of year when we want to drink darker and intensely flavored beers.  Gayot.com, an online guide to restaurants, hotels, events, and even cars, has compiled a list of the ten best fall beers. If you are interested in pumpkin ales, click here to read a previous post on this year's picks. Do you agree with their selection? What are you drinking this season?

1. The Bruery "Autumn Maple"

2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company "Estate Homegrown Ale"

3. Dogfish Head "Indian Brown Ale"

4. Buffalo Bill's Brewery "Original Pumpkin Ale"

5. New Belgium Brewing "Dunkel Weiss"

6. Saint Somewhere "Saison Athene"

7. Rogue Mocha Porter

8. Kona Brewing Company "Pipeline Porter"

9. Ayinger Ur-Weisse

10. Aecht Schlenkerla "Rauchbier-Märzen"

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Karen's picture

You forgot Southern Tier Pumking :)

Jim's picture

What? No Oktoberfest beers or pumpkin ales? You have to be kidding. Sam Adams makes an Oktoberfest beer in the German Style that is just outstandingly good. It's one of the few beers I'll buy in multiple case batches just to have on hand until the holidays pass. Harpoon Pumpkin ale is a great fall brew too.

Amy's picture

I am disappointed that no WI microbrews made the list! We have some kick ass selections. This is what I'll be drinking this fall. http://www.jsonline.com/features/food/128327098.html

Bean's picture

What no Highlands? no Pisgah! Not representation from beer city USA Asheville NC?! if it's not the home team it's not worth it.