Perez Hilton Tweets 43 Times While Dining at French Laundry

July 8, 2012

Perez Hilton dined at French Laundry the day before the California foie gras ban took effect and enjoyed the experience so much that he tweeted 43 times during his meal. 

Hilton's night started off with champagne and chilled melon soup. He continued his tweeting with talk of truffles, pastry and butter, then beef, lobster and dessert. The celebrity blogger also mentions moaning and crying when certain courses arrived at his table. 

To see all of Hilton's tweets from French Laundry with accompanying pictures, click here

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How do you know this? Were you personally following his tweets and noticed this occurrence? Did you go back and count each one? No? Oh, you read this account somewhere else on the web and repurposed this "story" without any credit? Inconsequential, but shameless and unethical of you and Foodista to [continually] publish in this manner.