This Embroidered Cake is a Crafter's Dream

November 9, 2011

This embroidered cake by Clockwork Lemon looks so realistic that it's hard to believe that its topping is completely edible. The raspberry pink lady cake was iced with lemon swiss meringue buttercream. After painstakingly sorting out the sprinkles by hand -- she wasn't able to find presorted, single-color sprinkles in the desired colors -- the talented baker laid out the embroidery design seen above..

What do you think of this embroidered cake?

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Seriously impressive.

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Embroidered -that will not be very delicious after all. Instead, it just looks embroidered thanks to a careful use of sprinkles. The creator even used a actual embroidering design.She has excellent designs that are so pretty, contemporary, and vibrant. I had written to her asking if I could use one of her styles for a cake topper and she was awesome enough to acknowledge.Which is excellent because my own efforts at embroidering patterns for the cake were pretty sad.

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I have Toba Garrett's expert dessert designing guide and there are a number of layouts in the back again that will certainly make wonderful blossoms, but I desired to know if anyone either had some layouts to discuss, or realized where I might discover some.

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Brush embroidery is a way of dessert decor. This strategy is particularly well-known with marriage desserts, which are often protected with decorative blossoms and other designs.
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Sweep embroidery is a way of dessert decor. I desired to know if anyone either had some templates to talk about, or noticed where I might find out some.Embroidery cake variety of opportunities that a sewing machine .

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Great this is the awesome embroidery designs