Quinoa Pasta


Called quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), is a grain that comes from the Andes Mountains of South America. Quinoa's origins are ancient. It was one of three staple foods, (along with corn and potatoes), of the Inca civilization. Quinoa was known then, and still is known, with respect, as the "mother grain".
Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain; an average of 16.2 percent, compared with 7.5 percent for rice, 9.9 percent for millet, and 14 percent for wheat. Some varieties of quinoa are more than 20 percent protein.
Quinoa pasta is often gluten free, low in sodium, highly nutritious and a good source of dietary fiber. Quinoa is often found on ingredient recommendations for people concerned about diet restrictions with Celiac Disease and those needing a gluten free diet.
Quinoa pasta is typically made from Corn flour and quinoa flour, though you may want to verify the ingredient list if you have specific dietary concerns.
It is a firm pasta with a mild taste that can be substituted in any pasta dish.


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