Jarlsberg Cheese


Norwegian cow's milk cheese with large holes, similar to swiss cheese. Typically coated in a yellow wax, the flavor is mild, buttery, and nutty with a finishing sweetness.


Other names: Jarlsberg
Translations: Jarlsberg siers, Importuojant Jarlsberg Sūriai, Jarlsberg Brânză, Jarlsberg sira, Jarlsbergkaas, Jarlsberg पनीर, Jarlsberg Queijo, Джарлсберг сыра, Jarlsberg Τυριά, Jarlsberg الجبن, Jarlsberg 치즈, Jarlsberg Sýry, Jarlsberg Keju, 亚尔斯贝格奶酪, Formatge Jarlsberg, Jarlsberg Sir, Jarlsberg Syry, Jarlsberg Formaggio, Jarlsberg גבינה, Jarlsberg-ost, Јарлсберг сир, ジャールズバーグチーズ, Jarlsberg Fromage, Jarlsberg, Jarlsberg ost, Jarlsbergost, Jarlsberg Queso, Джарлсберг сиру, Jarlsberg Juusto, Jarlsberg сирене

Tasting Notes

Wine complements: Francis coppola syrah-shiraz
Substitutes: Emmental cheese, Swiss

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