Chicken Giblets- قوانص الدجاج


Giblets are the edible offal of a fowl, typically including the heart, gizzard, liver, anus, and other visceral organs: the term is culinary usage only. Giblets is pronounced with a "soft g" sound (jib-lit) as opposed to a "hard g" (gravy). According to the information found at, a whole bird from a butcher is often packaged with the giblets (sometimes sealed in a bag in the body cavity), and although it does not technically fit the definition above, the neck is often included with the giblets, as it must be separated from the body during the process of butchering. There are a number of recipes that use giblets. If a bird is to be stuffed, the giblets are traditionally chopped and added to the stuffing, however the USDA recommends cooking giblets separate from the bird. If not, they can be used for other purposes, such as ''giblet pie'' or giblet gravy, a Southern U.S. favorite. With the exception of giblet gravy, the liver is not usually included in these recipes, as its strong flavor tends to overpower other ingredients. It may be used in liver-specific recipes, such as pâté or yakitori. Giblets can also be used to make alicot, a French stew. Much poultry, especially that sold in supermarkets, is quartered and consequently the giblets are not included. Giblets can be bought separately from a butcher, but the demand for human consumption is low in most Western countries, so they are more often sold to pet food manufacturers.


Other names: Giblets
Translations: Vistas Ķidas, Vištienos Vidaus organai, Măruntaie de pui, Piletina izrutrica, Gà đầu cổ chân cánh ngông, Podrobów z kurczaka, Kip Eetbare bijprodukten, चिकन giblets, Frango Miúdos, Куриными потрошками, Κοτόπουλο εντόσθια, الدجاج الأحشاء, 닭 내장, Kuřecí droby, Пилеће гушчија изнутрица, Manok lamang-loob, 鸡内脏, Pollastre menuts, Drobovino Chicken, Kuracie vnútornosti, Frattaglie di pollo, וחלקי עוף פנימיים, Kyckling Inkråm, Ayam jeroan ayam itik, チキンジブレッツ, Les abats de poulet, Hühnerklein, Kylling Indmaden, Pollo menudillos, Курячими потрошками, Kana Muihin eläimenosiin, Пилешки Вътрешностите

Physical Description

Typically the Neck, Gizzards, Liver and Heart.

Colors: Dark Red, Pink

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Salty, Meaty,
Mouthfeel: Meaty, Pasty
Food complements: Soups, Stuffing
Wine complements: Red wine
Beverage complements: Coke, Rum, Brandy
Substitutes: Turkey giblets

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Giblets come packed inside the chicken when you purchase at grocery store.
Buying: You can purchase at your local grocery store and select by which brand you prefer and size as well.

Preparation and Use

Giblets can be fried or sauteed in olive oil, remove meat and discard neck bone and use in soups, stews, gravy and stuffing.

Cleaning: Rinse Thoroughly with running water,



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