Golden Syrup

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A sweet syrup created in the process of refining sugar popular in Britain and former British colonies. It may be difficult to find in the US, though is popular in Louisiana's Cajun cuisine.

There are two types of treacle; light and dark. Dark is similar to molasses and light is referred to as golden syrup.


Other names: Treacle
Translations: Zelta Sīrups, ゴールデンシロップ, Auksinė Sirupas, ذهبية شراب, Златни сируп, Sirop de Aur, Golden Sirup, גולדן סירופ, Светлая патока, Gouestroop, 골든 시럽, Golden pulot, स्वर्ण सिरप, Xarop d'or, Світла патока, 金糖浆, Golden Sirup, Golden Sirap, Jarabe de oro, Златни Сироп

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Corn syrup, Honey, Molassas


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