Black Cardamom


An Indian herb having capsular fruits with aromatic seeds used as a spice or condiment. It is most commonly used in chicken and lamb dishes, chai tea, chili, stews, and to season rice. Black cardamom pods measure 3 cm in length. Ideally, purchase whole pods and store them away from light. Don't use the entire pod, it should be removed.

It is similar to green cardamom, but is not recommended to be a substitute as the flavors are very different. Black cardamom has a deeper, more smoky flavor because it is traditionally dried over open flame. It is not suggested to eat raw and should be roasted.

It is the primary ingredient in garam masala, along with coriander, cloves, peppercorns, and cinnamon.


Other names: Brown Cardamom, Badi Elaichi, Tsao-Ko, Elaichi, बड़ी इलाइची, Arabic الهيل الاسود, काला इलाची, Thảo Quả, నల్ల ఏలకులు, Kala Elachi
Translations: Melnā kardamona, Juodasis kardamonas, Cardamom negru, Crno Kardamon, Kardamon czarny, Zwarte Kardemom, काले इलायची, Black Cardamomo, Черный кардамон, Black Κάρδαμο, أسود الهيل, 블랙 카다몬, Černá kardamonových, Црни кардамом, Black kardamono, 黑豆蔻, El cardamom negre, Black Kardamom, Čierna kardamonových, Black cardamomo, שחור הל, Svart Kardemumma, Kapulaga hitam, ブラックカルダモン, Noir cardamome, Schwarzer Cardamom, Black Kardemomme, Svart Kardemomme, El cardamomo negro, Чорний кардамон, Musta Kardemumma, Черно кардамон



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