Milk, Dry (Whole)


Dry Whole milk is made by removing water from whole milk. It is white to light cream in color and in powder form. One purpose of drying milk is to preserve it, another is to reduce the bulk in transportation.

Dry milk is also used extensively in industrial food production.


Other names: Powdered Milk, Dry Whole Milk, Milk Powder
Translations: Sveikos Sausas pienas, Lapte integral Dry, Cijela Dry Milk, Toàn bộ sữa khô, Mleko suche, Dry Whole Milk, पूरे शुष्क दूध, Todo o leite seco, Сухое цельное молоко, Πλήρες γάλα Dry, كله الحليب الجاف, 전체 드라이 밀크, Celý Sušené mléko, Buong Dry Milk, 全奶粉, Llet en pols sencera, Cela Dry Milk, Celý Sušené mlieko, Latte in polvere intero, חלב יבש שלם, Hela torrmjölk, Цијела Суви млека, 全体ドライミルク, Lait entier sec, Hele mælketørstof, Hele Dry Milk, Leche en polvo entera, Сухе незбиране молоко, Koko maidon kuiva, Цели сухо мляко

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Dry skim milk, Milk



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