Light Coconut Milk

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This lower fat coconut milk is made the same way full fat coconut milk is made, by shredding coconut and combining with water. However, before canning or bottling, the natural coconut cream is allowed to separate and some of it is removed to lower the fat content. Light coconut is good for individuals looking to reduce overall fat intake or specifically the higher saturated fat contained in Coconut, which is also associated with heart disease.


Translations: Gaismas Kokosriekstu Piens, Šviesos Coconut Milk, Lumina de lapte de nucă de cocos, Svijetlo Kokosovo mlijeko, Light Sữa Dừa, Mleko kokosowe Light, Licht Kokosmelk, रोशनी नारियल के दूध, Light Leite de Coco, Свет кокосовом молоке, Φως γάλα καρύδας, حليب جوز الهند ضوء, 라이트 코코넛 밀크, Světlo Kokosové mléko, Light Kelapa Susu, Banayad na Coconut Milk, 光椰汁, Llum de Llet de Coco, Light kokosovo mleko, Svetlo Kokosové mlieko, Luce latte di cocco, אור חלב קוקוס, Lätt kokosmjölk, Светлост кокосово млеко, ライトココナッツミルク, Lait de coco léger, Light kokosmælk, Lett Coconut Milk, Luz de Leche de Coco, Світло кокосовому молоці, Kevyt kookosmaito, Light кокосово мляко

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Coconut milk

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