Whole Grain Corn Flour


Whole grain corn flour is flour milled from whole grains of corn.

Whole grain corn flour is higher in protein and fiber, and can be used in making corn bread, hush puppies, tortillas and any other recipe that requires corn flour.

Whole grain corn flour is generally made from the milling of whole kernel flour corn as its softer, starchier texture make it easier to grind fine enough than other varieties of corn.


Other names: Masa Harina, Harinilla, Polenta Flour, Harina Azul
Translations: Viss Graudu Corn Milti, Visas grūdas kukurūzų miltų, Total Faina de porumb boabe, Whole Grain kukuruzno brašno, Whole Grain Bột bắp, Mąki ziarno kukurydzy, Whole Grain maïsmeel, पूरे अनाज मकई का आटा, A farinha de milho Whole Grain, Всего Мука зерна кукурузы, Ολόκληρο το αλεύρι καλαμποκιού σε κόκκους, كله طحين حبوب الذرة, 전체 곡물 옥수수 가루, Celozrnná mouka kukuřičná, Цела зрна кукурузног брашна, Buong Grain Corn Flour, 全麦玉米粉, Grans integrals Farina de Blat de moro, Cela Grain Corn Flour, Celozrnná múka kukuričná, Tutta la farina di mais da granella, מחיטה מלאה קמח תירס, Hela korn maizenamjöl, Butir Utuh Tepung Jagung, 全粒コーンフラワー, Farine de maïs-grain, Vollkorn Maismehl, Hele Grain majsmel, Hele korn Corn Flour, Granos integrales Harina de Maíz, Всього Борошно зерна кукурудзи, Koko Grain maissijauhoja, Цели зърна царевица брашно

Physical Description

Flour corn is a variety (or several varieties of corn) grown specifically for the production of corn flour. Flour corn is more starchy than eating corn, and are generally much softer than the corn varieties grown for corn meal.

Colors: yellow, white (Masa Harina), or blue (Harinilla or Harina Azul)

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Corn meal can be substued, Though it must be run through a food processor first to obtain a fine enough grind to be considered flour.

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Look for corn flour from a reputable supplier.
Buying: Corn flour is widely available in chain-stores, supermarkets, and specialty shops.

Preparation and Use

Corn bread, corn batters, polenta, muffins, bread, and tortillas can be made with corn flour.
Blue corn flour ( Harinilla or for blue corn tortillas Harina Azul) is made from blue corn that has been treated with lime to remove it from the hull. Blue corn flour is used in a variety of Mexican dishes such as; tamales, tortillas, and dumplings.
Masa harina is corn flour that has been ground from dreid hominy. Hominy (posole or pozole), is made from corn that is boiled in a solution containing powdered lime. The hominy is then dried and ground into masa harina. Masa harina is used in making corn tortillas and tamales.

Cleaning: Corn flour should not be cleaned before it's used as it's a mill product.

Conserving and Storing

Store corn flour in an airtight container in the freezer.


History: Corn's history stretches back 7,000 years. What we call corn today is probably descended from wild grasses found in what is today Southern Mexico. It's exact botanical ancestry is uncertain.
By the time Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, Native Americans had been cultivating and using corn for thousands of years. The Native Americans had developed the four "modern" varieties of corn used today - dent, flint, flour, sweet, and pop- by that time.
Not only did corn feed the people, but it made their homes more comfortable and warmer, and it fed their animals.



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