The roughy or orange roughy is a large deep sea fish and lives in the waters in the Pacific Ocean, and around Australia and New Zealand. They are considered to be severely threathened and almost became extint because of overfishing.

This fish is noted for its extraordinary lifespan, which can last until 149 years. They are slow to mature, it takes 30 years for this fish to start to breed. The meat is firm, rich in oils, and delicately flavored, but fishing or purchasing this fish is banned to allow the fish population to recover.


Other names: Deep Sea Perch, Slimeheads, Red Roughy, Orange Roughy
Translations: Atlantijas lielgalvis, Pjūklapilvis, Peşte pion, Atlantycki, Австралийский ерш, Ατλαντικού, الخشن, Obecné, 连鳍鲑, Reloj, Sluzoglavka, Všeobecné, Pesce specchio, Soldatfisk, Роугхы, Hoplostète, Granatbarsch, Savbug, Rellotge, Австралійський йорж, Keltaroussi, Големоглав



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