English Cucumbers


A variety of cucumber which can grow as long as 2 feet (0.61 m). They are nearly seedless, have a delicate skin which is pleasant to eat, and are sometimes marketed as burpless because the seeds and skin of other varieties of cucumbers can give some people gas.


Translations: Angļu Gurķi, Anglų Agurkai, Castraveţii engleza, English Krastavci, Tiếng Anh Dưa chuột, Angielski Ogórki, Engels Komkommers, अंग्रेजी खीरे, Inglês Pepinos, Английский огурцы, Αγγλικά Αγγούρια, الانجليزية والخيار, 오이 영어, Angličtina Okurky, Енглески Краставац, Ingles Cucumbers, 英国黄瓜, Cogombres Anglès, Angleščina Kumare, Angličtina Uhorky, English Cetrioli, מלפפונים אנגלית, Engelska Gurkor, Timun Inggris, 英語きゅうり, Concombres anglais, Englisch Gurken, Engelsk Agurker, Engelsk agurker, Pepinos Inglés, Англійська огірки, Englanti kurkkujen, Английски Краставици



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