Sweet Sherry


Sweet Sherry is created when one of the dry sherries is sweetened with Pedro Ximnez or Moscatel wine. Cream sherry is a common variety of sweet sherry made from oloroso, with other varieties including pale cream sherry (made from fino) and medium sherry (made from amontillado).


Translations: Γλυκό Sherry, الحلو شيري, Sweet Шері, 甘口のシェリー, 달콤한 셰리, Dolce Sherry, Słodkie sherry, Свеет Сери, Zoete sherry, मीठा शेरी, מתוק שרי, Sherry doce, Dulce Sherry, 甜雪利酒, Sweet Шери, Dolça Sherry, Сладки Шери



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