Sprouted Wheat


Whole wheat kernals that have been sprouted, then dried, and typically milled into flour.
Sprouted wheat is believed to be better tolerated by people who have sensitivity to wheat.


Translations: Sadīguši Kvieši, Daigintų kviečių, Încolţite de grâu, Sprouted pšenice, Lúa mì nảy chồi, Pszenica kiełkującego, Gekiemde tarwe, अंकुरित गेहूं, Germinados de trigo, Выросли пшеницы, Φύτρο σιταριού, ظهرت القمح, 부화한 밀, Porostlé pšenice, Никла пшеница, 小麦发芽, Germinats de blat, Kalijo Pšenica, Porastené pšenice, Grano germogliati, נבט חיטה, Grodda Vete, Gandum tumbuh, 発芽小麦, Blé germé, Auswuchs Wheat, Spirede Hvede, Spiret Wheat, Germinados de trigo, Зросли пшениці, Itäneitä Vehnä, Покълнали пшеница

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