The roselle is a variety of hibiscus. Growing to almost three meters tall, it is an annual or perennial herb. The flowers are white to pale yellow, each petal having a dark red spot at the base. The plant is known to help reduce hypertension and cholesterol. Aside from being used for herbal tea infusions, a drink can also be made from the fresh fruit. The roselle's green leaves can be used as a spicy version of spinach, while the dried flowers can be boiled to make "agua de Jamaica," a chilled beverage popular in Mexico and Central America.


Other names: Roselle Plant, Rosella, Flor De Jamaica, Asam Paya, Rosella Fruit
Translations: ロゼル, الكركدى, Jasmine, Розл, Розл, 罗塞莱, Горан



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