Lecithin Granules


A nutritional substance made from a compound naturally-occurring in plant and animal cells; commercial versions are often made from soy flour mixed with soy lecithin oil. Lecithin is available at natural food stores; It comes either granulated or as a liquid, the liquid form is most common. Lecithin is a natural dough enhancer; it produces a softer loaf, extends shelf life, and improves rising. Replace 1 tablespoon of oil with 1 tablespoon of lecithin (for 3 cups of flour) in bread recipes.


Translations: Lecitīns Granulas, Lecitinas Granulės, Lecitina Granule, Lecitin granule, Lecithin hạt, Lecytyna granulat, Lecithine Granulaat, लेसितिण Granules, Lecitina Granulado, Гранулы лецитина, Λεκιθίνη σε κόκκους, حبيبات الليسيثين, 레시틴 과립, Lecitin Granule, Лецитин грануле, 卵磷脂颗粒, La lecitina Granulat, Lecitin Zrnca, Lecitín Granule, Lecitina Granelli, גרגרי לציטין, Lecitin Granulat, Butiran Lecithin, レシチン顆粒, Granules de lécithine, Lecithin Granulat, Lecithin Granulat, Lecithin Granulater, La lecitina Granulado, Гранули лецитину, Lesitiini Rakeet, Лецитин Гранули

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Nutty
Mouthfeel: Mild
Food complements: Breads, Baked goods
Wine complements: Gewürztraminer (for bakery goods)
Substitutes: Vegetable oil

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Unopened package that is not past its due date.
Buying: Some grocery stores and health food stores. Can also order on line.
Procuring: Derived from soy beans or egg yolks.

The lecithin is removed from soybean oil by injecting the oil with water, and then separating the lecithin-water mixture from the oil in a centrifuge (like the spin cycle in your washing machine), and drying the lecithin.

A little liquid lecithin (soy oil containing lecithin) is mixed with soy flour. Basically liquid lecithin (containing only 10% phosphatidylcholine) is added back to the soybean it was extracted from. This product is then extruded and looks like a small rabbit pellet about the size in diameter of a cake decorating sprinkle.

Preparation and Use

It's used in cooking as an emulsifier, preservative, lubricant, and moisturizer. It's a healthful substitute for fat in baked goods, adding moisture and improving texture. Bakers use it as a dough enhancer because it helps give yeast breads more of a rise.

Conserving and Storing

For home storage, keeping sealed in containers with tight fitting lids is often the best method for keeping grain fresh, especially when the container of grain is stored in a cool, dry, and dark location. A sealed container is very important for maintaining freshness and reducing the possibility of infestations.


History: Lecithin is a naturally-occurring group of phospholipids that's found in nearly every living cell. Though the word lecithin is derived from the Greek "lekithos", which means "yolk of an egg," the primary commercial source of lecithin comes from the soybean. It is commonly referred to as soya or soy bean lecithin.


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