Butterhead Lettuce


Butterhead Lettuce is a variety of head lettuce that is characterised by a small, round loosely formed head and buttery-textured leaves. The outer leaves are usually pale green while the inner leaves can have a hint of yellow.

There are two types of Butterhead Lettuce, commonly known as Bibb and Boston Lettuce. The tender leaves of Butterhead Lettuce are sweet and juicy, making for an excellent addition to raw salads.


Other names: Butter Lettuce
Translations: Trauslie salāti, Gūžinės salotos, Salată Butterhead, Butterhead salata, Rau diếp Butterhead, Masłowe Sałata, Kropsla, Butterhead लेटिष, Alface lisa, Салат кочанный, Butterhead Μαρούλι, Butterhead خس, Butterhead 상추, Butterhead Salát, Буттерхеад Зелена салата, Butterhead litsugas, 莴苣生菜, Enciam mantegosa, Butterhead Solata, Butterhead Šalát, Butterhead Lattuga, Butterhead חסה, Butterhead Sallat, Butterhead Selada, バターレタス, Laitue pommée, Kopfsalat, Butterhead Salat, Butterhead Salat, Lechuga mantecosa, Салат качанний, Butterhead Salaatit, Butterhead маруля

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Mache, Leaf lettuce, Crisphead lettuce (such as iceberg)



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