Black Vinegar


Used traditionally in Chinese braises and sauces, this dark vinegar has a rich but mild taste. It is made from rice, wheat, millet or sorghum. Like balsamic vinegar, which it resembles, Chinese black vinegar can have, if well aged and produced, an amazingly complex flavor and aroma.


Other names: Chinese Black Vinegar
Translations: Black Etiķis, Juodosios actas, Negru Oţet, Crno Ocat, Black Dấm, Ocet czarny, Zwarte Azijn, काले सिरका, Black Vinagre, Черный уксус, Black Ξύδι, خل أسود, 검은 식초, Černá Ocet, Cuka Hitam, Black suka, 黑醋, Negre Vinagre, Black Kis, Čierna Ocot, Nero Aceto, שחור חומץ, Svart Vinäger, Црна Сирће, 黒酢, Black vinaigre, Black Essig, Black Eddike, Svart Eddik, Negro Vinagre, Чорний оцет, Musta Etikka, Черно оцет

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Balsamic vinegar

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That picture looks delicious. Vinegar in general when aged correctly has a wonderful aroma and taste. Thanks for this.

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A Chinese spring roll dipped in that <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">black vinegar</A> would be really, really delicious.

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