Copper River Salmon


This variety of salmon originates from the Copper River in Alaska, a nearly 300 mile long wildly rapid river that dumps into Prince William Sound. This long and chilly river make it an Iron Man Race for the fish that grow into robust creatures with high levels of body fat and natural oils. The result of their physical effort: one of the richest and tastiest fish in the world. Its flesh is firm and red, and has a rich, nutty flavor.


Translations: Vara River Salmon, Vario upės lašišų, Cupru Râul Salmon, Copper River lososa, Copper sông Salmon, Salmon River miedzi, कॉपर नदी सामन, Лосось Коппер-Ривер, Χαλκός Salmon River, النحاس نهر السلمون, 구리 강 연어, Měď řeka losos, Tembaga Sungai Salmon, 铜河鲑鱼, Coure Salmon River, Meď rieka losos, Copper River Salmone, נהר נחושת שלמון, Цоппер Ривер салмон, 銅川サーモン, Salmon River cuivre, Kobber River Salmon, Cobre Salmon River, Лосось Коппер-Рівер, Copper River Lohi, Сьомга мед река

Physical Description

Colors: deep red, rosy pink, pink-orange

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Salmon

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: April - June
Peak: May

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Jessyka Dart-Mclean's picture

Copper River Salmon is available from May to SEPTEMBER! Copper River Cohos are our fall fish, great for smoking and grilling!