Lemon Balm


Lemon balm, a perennial aromatic herb which grows in Mediterranean climate, acts as flavoring agents in ice cream and hot and cold herbal teas, fruit dishes or candies, along with other herbs like spearmint.


Translations: Lemon balzams, Melisa, Melisa, Melisa, Melisa, नींबू बाम, Лимонный бальзам, بلسم الليمون, 레몬 밤, Lemon balzám, Lemon balm, Lemon pang-alo, 莱蒙巴姆, Melissa, Lemon balzam, Melissa, לימון צרי, Citronmeliss, Матичњак, レモンバーム, Mélisse, Zitronenmelisse, Sitronmelisse, Melisa, Лимонний бальзам, Sitruunamelissa, Маточина

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