Mild Coconut Fish Curry


3 tablespoons Sunflower oil
5 Shallots, sliced
4 Garlic cloves,chopped
1 tablespoon Mustard seeds
1 1/2 pounds Firm white fish boned and cubed
(the recipe recommends shark, Flour for dusting
1 teaspoon Whole fenugreek
1 1" piece of cinnamon or cassia
1 teaspoon Tamarind pulp
1 tablespoon Turmeric
5 ounces Grated creamed cocomut (I used a can of coconut milk which I substituted for the


Heat the oil and fry the shallots, garlic and mustard seeds for 1-2 mins.Dust the fish with flour and briefly seal both sides in the hot oil. Add the rest fo the spices and tamarind pulp, dissolved in enough water ( here is where I used the coconut milk) to cover the fish. Simmer, covered, for 20 minutes, ( omit this next step if using the coconut milk) then stir in the grated coconut until almalgamated into the sauce.


4.0 servings


Monday, December 21, 2009 - 3:32am



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