Lowney Bridge Mixture


assorted gellies


put into one very distinguishable Yellow Box


For those who live in Montreal and grew up in the '60's - we knew Lowney's the Candy Factory or the Chocolate Factory for the only confectionary we all knew called Bridge Mixture. It had nothing to do with the card game not that any of us played Bridge back then and I am pretty sure my parents played Canasta or something similar and boring.

Lowney Bridge Mixture

Later much more lately and almost recently - this 'By The Way' is all from memory and not research - Lowney is most notoriously known for their condos recently a part of Montreal that borders on the Lachine Canal and Old Montreal ...although I think they are connected to my favorite Bridge Mixture....but how or why I admit I have no idea.

Bridge Mixture is a mixture of all sorts of chocolates that include raisins and peanuts and a kind of covered jelly and some chocolates I don't even recognize.

Why is it a mixture and is it a specific mixture and if it is, is it specific to Bridge, the Game or Bridge that is now falling into the St. Lawrence Seaway. Or is the St Laurent Seaway...see how confusing a city Montreal is...Our St. Lawrence Street is now our rue St Laurent where Schwartz's and Moishe's sit and our St Lawrence River is where the bridges are all falling int, in pieces and in mixtures of pieces, so who knows if a savant knew that one day our Bridge would be falling in pieces and create a mixture of concrete and metal and knowing that they decided that Bridge Mixture would be an excellent product to sell to Montrealers back in the 60's?

One Thing is for Damn Sure....They are definitely my crave du jour and I have scouted them out at one place for .99 a box of 52 grams and I will be damned if I will let u know where to buy them. Sorry folks, this is one blogger who isn't giving her secret away...


Friday, December 9, 2011 - 8:49am


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