Habanero Salsa For Canning


20 cups Skinned & chopped home grown vine ripened tomatoes
10 cups Chopped onions
8 Sweet banana peppers, chopped & seeded
8 Jalapeno peppers, chopped
5 Cloves of garlic, minced
2 Green bell peppers, seeded & chopped
1 Red bell pepper, seeded & chopped
2 1/2 cups White vinegar
4 tablespoons Chili powder
5 teaspoons Salt
3 teaspoons Cayenne pepper


Peel tomatoes by pouring boiling water over a sink full. Squeeze as much juiceout of tomatoes as you can before chopping. Cook all ingredients for several hours to cook down to a thicker consistency. Stir frequently to keep from burning or sticking to the bottom. Keep partially covered. Heat jars and lids. Pour salsa into jars and wipe top of jars clean before putting on heated flat and ring. Tightened down using towels or hot pads.
Let set overnight before moving jars. If not sealed, place in refrig. Can be reheated and try again.
This is a basic recipe if you like a little heat, which we all do. I find that 40 habs is just about right. You can add, subtract or change just about anything except the vinegar unless you are cutting the recipe in half.




1.0 servings


Friday, December 10, 2010 - 1:02am


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