Radishes with Pecorino


handful of fresh radishes, washed (left on the stem)
wedge of pecorino (sheep's milk) cheese, or any creamy cheese you like
dish of extra virgin olive oil for dipping
crack of sea salt


prepare the ingredients together & eat!


The crisp, peppery flavor of fresh picked radishes pair perfectly with a wedge of creamy pecorino (sheep's milk) cheese and a dish of extra virgin olive oil with a few cracks of salt. Done. This is my kinda snack (or antipasto), I could crunch on that all night with a few glasses of sparkling Verdicchio DOC to wash it down...

So, what's so great about radishes anyway?
Radishes are an edible root that are easy to grow & are ready to eat within about a month of planting. Radishes are a low calorie vegetable that have no fat or cholesterol. Considering how small they are, radishes have quite a high vitamin count (in particular vitamin C) and packed with fiber. They are also known to help fight colon cancer. Despite having positive benefits on health, many people pass radishes over at the market without second thought - perhaps next time you'll pick up a bundle & enjoy!




Friday, June 8, 2012 - 5:46am

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