Ganache - Chocolate Cream Filling Or Frosting


8 ounces Sweet chocolate, (or 6 sweet + 2 unsweet)
2 teaspoons Pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoons Rum, optional (up to 3)
Confectioner's sugar


This extremely easy and versatile chocolate filling was not around when I was doing my classic French training in the early 50's. Now I often wonder why not, who introduced it, et Special Equipment Suggested: A moderately heavy stainless saucepan; a large stainless mixing bowl set in a larger bowl of ice cubes and water; a large balloon whip or hand-held el Melting the Chocolate. Break up the chocolate, turn it into the saucepan, add the cream, and stir over moderate heat until the chocolate has melted and the cream is almost at the Chilling.
Variations:Chocolate Ganache Truffles: Make the ganache mixture quite stiff, adding a little less cream or a little more chocolate. When well chilled, roll into rough balls, roll in cocoa po Ganache Chocolate Mousse or Ice Cream: Use double the amount of cream in the master recipe, to make a mass that holds itself softly in a spoon when chilled over ice. Pack into a s




1.0 servings


Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 11:53pm



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