Mexican Black Beans


1/2 pound Black beans
1 Water to cover
1/4 cup , chopped fine Onion
1 teaspoon Cooking oil
1 teaspoon Cooking oil
1/2 Chopped fine Onion
1/4 cup , chopped Bell pepper
3 Cloves, diced Garlic
1 Salt to taste


Wash the beans. Put A-D in a large pot and cook until tender. Then saute E-H in a small pan, and add to the beans. Salt to taste and cook about an hour more.
This is a highly modified recipe out of a Mexican cookbook. The author suggested a crock pot for about 10 hours. It didn't get the beans tender so I put it in a large pot and simmered the beans about an hour. The author also said not to soak the beans over night, because that would give the beans a strong flavor. I was doubtful, but that advice seems to be right.
I also made some nachos with it. I used about half a cup of cooked beans after the first step (A-D). I mashed them with a spoon, and fried in margarine in a small skillet with a few diced onions. I sauteed some ground turkey with taco seasoning, and then layered bean paste, turkey, and cheddar cheese on chips. Very good. I am thinking of making up a batch of beans just to make black bean paste.




6.0 servings


Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - 12:33am



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