Parsnip Cakes


1 pound Fresh Parsnips, cooked
2 tablespoons All-purpose Flour
1 pch Mace
2 tablespoons Butter, melted
Salt and White Pepper to taste
1 whl Egg, beaten
cup Plain Bread Crumbs


A while back, The Cook and Kitchen Staff prepared an Irish Cookbook for the members of a family who were interested in their Irish heritage. You can find some of our past recipes offered here: Patrick's Day this year.
Today's recipe contains a pinch of Mace, an uncommon spice that is imported from the Islands of the Pacific. Much like nutmeg, the outer shell is shredded or ground to create mace. If you can't happen to find the more bitter spice, nutmeg will suffice as a substitution.
If you've never had parsnips, you're in for a fantastic treat. You'll find parsnips to be a bit denser that carrots, but lighter tasting, with a flavor that's mildly bitter, yet sweet when cooked. Don't let your guests mistake them for potato pancakes; they're in for an Irish surprise.
To cook the parsnips, peel, then slice them into even-sized pieces. Boil the parsnips in a pot of lightly salted water until tender, usually 20 to 30 minutes from the start of the boil.
Thoroughly drain the parsnips and mash them well. Add the flour, mace, melted butter, and salt and pepper to the mashed parsnips, and mash them again to combine all the ingredients.
With freshly cleaned hands, form about two- tablespoon size portions into small flat, round cakes. Dip the cakes into the beaten egg, then into the bread crumbs, and fry in a large skillet of hot oil until brown on both sides. Estimate about 3 to 5 minutes frying time on both sides. Serve warm and wait for the compliments to come your way. Don't worry about leftovers, there usually isn't a morsel remaining.




1.0 servings


Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 1:07am



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