1 cup Dry soybeans
2 pieces kombu or kelp each about two pieces long
2 tablespoons Whole wheat bread flour
1 tablespoon Canola or light sesame oil
5 tablespoons Soymilk
2 tablespoons Nutritional yeast
teaspoon Ground fennel seed
teaspoon Black pepper
1 tablespoon Tamari
teaspoon Dried oregano
teaspoon Salt
teaspoon Cayenne
2 lrgs Garlic cloves, minced
medium Onion, finely chopped
teaspoon Dijon mustard
teaspoon Dried sage OR- ground allspice
cup Water
4 -TO
8 tablespoons Gluten flour


Soak the soybeans and one piece of kombu in about five times their volume of water overnight. Discard soaking water and kombu, rinse the beans and cook in about 4C water w/the other piece of kombu. Cook until soft, about four hours, and drain. Coarsely chop the beans and kombu, then mix in all remaining ingredients until you get a medium stiff mess. Pack the mix tightly into an oven safe glass or stainless steel bowl and cover tightly w/foil, carefully sealing the edges. Invert a shallow, heat resistant bowl on the bottom of a large stock pot or dutch oven. Pour in enough water to cover the bowl, then place the soysage over the bowl. Bring to a simmer, cover and
Makes 3C




8.0 Servings


Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 3:32pm



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