Technique: Mixing

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Combining ingredients, either by hand or using a mechanical mixer. Can be of dry or wet ingredients. Often used in baking. Typically does not include chopping or grinding of ingredients.


Other names: Mix, Mixed
Translations: Sajaukšana, Maišymas, Amestecarea, Miješanje, Trộn, Mieszanie, Menging, मिश्रण, Mistura, Перемешивание, Μίξη, خلط, 혼합, Míchání, Percampuran, Paghahalo, 混合, Mescla, Mešanje, Miešanie, Miscelazione, ערבוב, Blandning, Мешање, ミキシング, Mélange, Vermischung, Blanding, Blanding, Mezcla, Перемішування, Sekoitus, Смесване



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