Technique: Dicing


A cutting technique used to produce cube shapes.

To dice, first "square up" the item being cut by removing the ends and any rounded sides, creating a rectangular shape.  Cut the rectangle into flat planks of the desired size.  Cut the planks into strips of the same measurement, then cut across the strips to produce cubes.

A small dice measures 1/4 inch, a medium dice is 1/2 inch, and a large dice measures 3/4 inch.


Translations: Griešanu kubiņos, Kubeliais, Joc cu zaruri, Gra w kości, Dobbelstenen snijden, Cortando, Перетасовки, Κύβους, لعب النرد, 다이싱, Kostky, 切割, Cortado en rodajas, Kocke, Kocky, Spezzettatura, Tärning, Дицинг, ダイシング, Découpe, Terningskaering, Tallat en rodanxes, Перетасування, Kuutioinnin, Кубчета


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