Technique: Scaling Fish


Scaling is a technique to remove scales from fish using a knife or fish scaler in a sweeping action going against the grain of the scales. Since the scales will pop out and even fly a great distance, this is often done holding the fish under running water to reduce the mess. Some people also scale fish inside a large clear plastic garbage bag to contain the flying scales.

Unless you caught the fish yourself and have no other choice, it is usually best to ask your fishmonger to do the scaling for you. They are much better equipped to do so than the average home kitchen. The area of the shop where they do the scaling is usually completely hosed down daily, if not even more frequently than that.


Other names: Scale, Scaled, Scaling
Translations: Zvīņošanās Zivis, Padalos Žuvys, Detartrajul de peşte, Dimenzioniranje Riba, Cá nhân rộng, Skalowanie Fish, Scaling Vis, मछली स्केलिंग, Escala de peixes, Масштабирование рыбы, Κλιμάκωση Ψάρια, زيادة السمك, 물고기를 스케일링, Škálování Ryby, Скалирање Риба, Scaling Isda, 缩放鱼, Escala de peixos, Krčenje Fish, Škálovanie Ryby, Scaling פיש, Skalning Fisk, Scaling Ikan, 魚をスケーリング, Écaillage du poisson, Skalering Fisk, Skalering Fish, Escala de peces, Масштабування риби, Skaalaus Fish, Попарвам риба



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