Tool: Donut Pan


Baking pan with donut shaped indentations that can be used to make donuts in the oven instead of frying. This reduces the total fat needed to make donuts. They are often made of heavy gauge steel with a nonstick coating.


Other names: Dougnut Pan
Translations: Virtulis Pan, Ντόνατ Pan, Spurga Visos, دونات عموم, Donut Pán, Donitsi Pan, ドーナツパン, 도넛 팬, Bánh Pan, Pan pączka, Donat Pan, डोनट पान, Донат Пан, Donut פאן, Донат Пан, 潘甜甜圈, Obroč Pan, Doughnut Pan, Крофна Пан, Donut Pa, Поничка Пан


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