Tool: Skewer


Long rod, made of wood or metal, of varying lengths, used to pierce and hold food. This is done to prepare for grilling or presentation for eating. Shish kabob is on of the most famous dishes that uses skewers. If you are using wood skewers, such as bamboo, for grilling many people believe it is useful to soak them in water before using to prevent them from burning. Others claim soaking has no real effect on wooden skewers burning. If burning is a problem, try using metal skewers. Another element of skewers to consider is shape. Thin round ones will go through food more easily, with less cracking and splitting, however food tends to spin or rotate on them easily. If you are trying to turn the skerwered food on a grill, this can be frustrating. Multi-prong or flat skewers work better for turning food.


Translations: Iesms, Iešmas, Băţ, Ražanj, Lụi để nướng, Szpikulec, Spit, कटार, Espada, Шампур, Σουβλάκι, سيخ, 꼬챙이, Špíz, Ражањ, Tuhugan, 串, Broqueta, Nabodalo, Špíz, Spiedo, לשפד, Spett, Tusuk sate, 串, Brochette, Spieß, Spyd, Spyd, Brocheta, Шампур, Paistinvarras, Шиш

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