Tool: Jigger


1.5 ounce measuring device typically used to make cocktails. Often made of stainless steel and wide mouthed for quick and easy pouring. Some come with a "pony," a smaller measure, attached to the bottom. The name jigger comes from the name of the measure of liquid.


Other names: Double Jigger, Cocktail Jigger, Shot Glass, British Jigger
Translations: Šķirotājs, Kretilas, Mala čašica, Ly rượu, Tancerz, पीहू, Coqueteleira, Джиггер, Τσιμπούρι, الجغرة عدة تستعمل على ظهر المركب, 보조돛, Tanečník džigu, Menyulap, Lalaki, 吉格, Xafarderia, Tanečník džigu, Danzatore di giga, JIGGDANSARE, Играч, ジガー, Sandfloh, Chisme, Джіггер, Ryypyn mittalasi, Подпорка за щека

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